Support Your Local Fishermen!

The Faces of California Fishing shares the real life stories and people behind California's fishing communities.  You can support their work, and the local economy, by choosing high quality, sustainably harvested, delicious California-caught seafood. This site can help you learn about seafood, fishing, and where to buy local seafood. 

Do you know where your seafood comes from?

  • Over 85% of the seafood we consume in the US is imported, 
  • Farming practices in other countries often use pesticides, antibiotics and hormones that are illegal in the US.
  • Only 2% of seafood imports are inspected by the FDA. 
If you want seafood that is healthy for you and the environment, we recommend you buy US/California caught seafood. Your choice supports an industry of fishermen and their families, and the heritage of our country.

You can help your local economy by supporting local fishermen. 

Remember, when choosing seafood, ask for a local product – you’ll be assured of buying sustainably-harvested seafood, helping support your local fishing communities and their commercial fishermen, and getting top quality seafood, too.
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